The Board of Directors consists of 12 individual who are elected by the Bike Edmonton membership at the Annual General Meeting. The board members are volunteers who govern the affairs of Bike Edmonton according to our bylaws. The board meets at least once a month at regular board meetings and at other times as needed.  Board meetings are open to all Bike Edmonton members. For more information, contact us at

Vision Statement

Everyday cycling in Edmonton is safe, widespread, and accessible to people of all comfort levels.

Mission Statement

Bike Edmonton is a non-profit society dedicated to making everyday cycling in Edmonton safer and more widespread by providing bicycle services, education, and civic representation. We promote the bicycle as a healthy, economical, and ecologically sound mode of transportation.

Objectives (Purpose)

  1. To provide, administer and maintain a multi-use facility for Edmonton and area dedicated to providing cost-effective, do-it-yourself bike repair facilities and access to an environmentally sustainable, economical means of transportation,

  2. To educate the public by providing courses, seminars and workshops about bike mechanics and/or safe and effective riding,

  3. To extend services to marginalized members of the community as well as new-comers,

  4. To facilitate communication between cyclists and governments or others to improve bicycle infrastructure and policy, and

  5. To assist the Edmonton community at large in the promotion, encouragement and understanding of cycling culture.

Bylaws, Policies, Meeting Minutes

In an effort to operate a responsible, transparent, and accountable organization, we welcome Bike Edmonton members and the public to review our current bylaws, policies and meeting minutes

You can view minutes from past board meetings, current bylaws and policies and more on our wiki.

Annual Reports


Board of Directors and Staff



  • Jeremy Shepherd, President

  • Mike Sacha, Vice President

  • Ali Charkeih, Treasurer

  • Jasmine Farahbakhsh, Secretary

  • Dustin Martin

  • Helen Frost

  • Annya Hundal

  • Mark Husband

  • Mike Pybus

  • Mike Wilson

  • Nancy Milakovic

  • Sarah Rebryna



  • Jeremy Shepherd, President

  • Nancy Milakovic, Vice President

  • Ali Charkeih, Treasurer

  • Jasmine Farahbakhsh, Secretary

  • Geoff Hansen

  • Helen Frost, from November 2017

  • Jonathan Woelber

  • Kabir Nadkarni

  • Mike Pybus

  • Mike Sacha, from November 2017


  • Michael Cenkner, until April 2018