Bike Edmonton operates two fully-equippedvolunteer-run, community bicycle workshops, formerly known as BikeWorks. We have all the tools (including specialty bicycle tools) needed to repair and maintain your bicycle, and mechanics to teach you how to do it. We have a vast selection of used and new parts. We also have many used bicycles for sale, starting from $10 for children’s bikes and about $40 for lower-end as-is bicycles, and ranging from around $125-300 for most tuned bikes.

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Accepted Payment Methods

  • Both shops accept cash, debit, Visa, and MasterCard. No minimum payment is required.

A bit about Bike Edmonton's community bicycle workshops:

  • We operate the oldest community bike shop program in North America

  • You can learn how to fix your bicycle at either location!

  • We will not fix your bike for you. We will teach you and help you to do it yourself.

  • You don't need to know anything about bike mechanics: our volunteer mechanics will teach you.

  • Just drop in during our public hours: no appointments, registration, or membership is necessary. We're open to everyone—just drop in during shop hours.

  • You can donate used bikes or parts.

  • You can buy refurbished, used bicycles.

  • You can buy used bike parts. You can buy a limited selection of new parts as well.

  • You can rent tandem bikes and cargo trailers

  • Due to a lack of required safety equipment and facilities, we do not allow bleeding of hydraulics in our facilities. You can change your pads and perform other maintenance, but you will be asked to service any hydraulic fluids off-site. Local bike shops will bleed your brakes for as little as $30/brake.

  • We are limited in our ability to service some modern, higher-end components (e.g. pressfit bottom brackets), as well as suspension. If you're uncertain, please contact us to confirm.

  • We do not allow combustion-engine equipped vehicles in our facility, including gasoline powered bikes. No exceptions.

  • We will not check stock of bikes or parts over the phone or email—you must physically come into our shop during our regular shop hours to take a look at our current stock. We are not a commercial retailer, and we do not have enough volunteers to check availability for you.

  • You cannot store your bike or personal property at Bike Edmonton. Anything left in our facilities is treated as a donation and available for immediate sale. We will not place holds on bikes or parts.

Don't know anything about bicycle repairs? No problem! Qualified, volunteer mechanics are on duty to assist you in any way you need, from finding a bike that's right for you, or adjusting your seat, or fixing a flat, right up to building an entire bike from just parts.

Using the shop only costs $3/hour for members, including assistance from mechanics and access to all our tools. Non-members pay $8/hour.

Low-cost Bicycles

We offer refurbished bicycles for sale at both locations. As-is adult bicycles start from about $40 and up and tuned up bicycles start at around $125 and up. As-is children's bikes with tires 24" or smaller start at $10 each. Our goal is to see more people on bicycles! Sizes and availability depends on donations in stock and volunteer time, but if you're in the market for a vintage cruiser, classic road bike or a pre-loved mountain bike, come down to see what we have on hand. We do not have the ability to help you over the phone.

Please do not try to haggle with us. We will work hard to get you riding within your budget, and if a particular bike or part is beyond your budget, we will offer you something more affordable. But we are a non-profit organization, and sales revenue pays our rent. Attempting to abuse our goodwill may result in being asked to leave.


We absolutely will not take donations in exchange for discounts or other goods: this would make us into a fence for stolen goods. We will gladly take your donations gratis.

Free public phone charging stations, free Wi-Fi

We have free phone charging stations and free public wifi.


We often offer bike maintenance courses throughout the year, but you can come in any time we're open to learn about fixing bikes.