Order a bike rack


Order a bike rack for your business or apartment building through Bike Edmonton. We order in bulk and pass the savings on to you, while generating a small amount of revenue to fund our youth programs (The Spoke).

Several designs of bicycle racks found commonly in Edmonton do not meet City of Edmonton bylaw requirements, and can leave bikes insecure, messy, and damaged. Ours were designed by the City of Edmonton, so they meet bylaw requirements.

Talk to your building manager today, and request a quote or e-mail racks@bikeedmonton.ca for more info.

For temporary installations, you can also rent these bike corral racks from us for $69/week, or you can rent our portable racks as well for higher capacity at events.

Racks are made-to-order. Orders sent for manufacturing are usually ready for pick-up or delivery in 3-6 weeks.


  • 4-bolt installation

  • 8-bike (102", 2.6m), 6-bike (78", 2m), or 4-bike (52", 1.3m) configurations

  • 31" (0.79m) wide

  • Manufactured locally by Special Metal Fabricating

  • Supports nearly all sizes of bikes, holds them securely with all common locks

  • 1" galvanized steel tubing

  • Price range from $250-1100

  • Design sheet

Request a rack on City property

The City of Edmonton installs post-ring style bike racks on public sidewalks by request, without charge to the adjacent property owner. To request the installation of Q-ring bike racks at a specific location, request a rack online.

Temporary Event Bike Rack Rentals

Bike Edmonton has temporary, portable bike racks for rent. They are best for community events and festivals which want to encourage attendees to bike to the event. The racks are easy to transport, easy to set up, and one 2.85 meter rack can accommodate up to 7 bikes. Rack rentals are typically $10/rack per event (contact us for a quote for longer rentals). Each rack weighs 7.7kg. Delivery is not included, but may be negotiated.

These racks are also known as tri-racks or race racks. They are not generally suitable for unsupervised use, as bikes cannot be secured to them to prevent theft. We recommend a supervised enclosure, though some event organizers choose to place them in places with only passive security (e.g. high foot traffic or within sight of staffed kiosks).

Temporary racks holding 6-8 bikes have a footprint of 2.85m x 2.0m (preferably 3m x 2m), and can be lined up end-to-end. They require an aisle of at least 1.5m between footprints (3.5m centre-to-centre).

If you require a more secure rack, or longer-term bike parking, we also rent bike corral style racks by the week.

Please contact us to book our temporary bike racks. Pick up and drop off the racks at our South Community Workshop (8001 102 St).

Bike parking at Interstellar Rodeo in Hawrelak Park

Bike parking at Interstellar Rodeo in Hawrelak Park

Principles of good bike rack design

Poor rack design with no frame support or place to securely attach a U-lock

Poor rack design with no frame support or place to securely attach a U-lock

  • Works for a variety of bicycle types and sizes

  • Supports bike frame at two points for stability

  • Minimizes tangling or damage to bikes

  • Accommodates U-locks

  • Space efficient

  • Aesthetic

  • Meets City of Edmonton bike rack bylaw requirements

Principles of good bike rack location:

  • Within sightlines of entrance

  • Within a few meters of entrance

  • Well-lit area

  • In areas of high pedestrian activity, providing informal surveillance (security)

  • Efficient footprint and minimizes obstructions for pedestrians

  • Weather protected (covered)