102 Avenue Bridge Replacement Project (over Groat Road)


The 102 Avenue grillwork bridge over Groat Road (approximately 127 St) is scheduled to be replaced, causing closures from 2014 through 2015, requiring a detour across Stony Plain Road. Meanwhile, construction on the Stony Plain Road bridge over Groat is scheduled to begin an end in 2013, while maintaining pedestrian access during most of the road closure, so cyclists will maintain access across at least one bridge at any given time. Signage during the Stony Plain Road bridge closure will direct traffic to 107 or 111 Ave (as opposed to 102 Ave), though we may expect traffic volumes to nonetheless increase along 102 Ave.

On the 102 Ave bridge, lanes will be widened to better accommodate transit, and bike lanes will also be added.

What kind of bike lanes? Good question! E-mail Jason.Reske@edmonton.ca or call 780-423-2517 for details, letting the City know that this is an vital connection for cyclists, and more details are needed on the City's website. Would you bike on a busy 102 Ave bridge with just a painted line, or do you think there should be physical separation between cyclists and the vehicles? Let the City know: e-mail or call your councillor as well, and include us in your correspondence at info@edmontonbikes.ca.