2013 On-street Bike Routes


The City of Edmonton is hosting public consultations regarding the on-street bike routes they're planning to construct this summer. The first meeting is this Tuesday from 6-8:30pm at Hazeldean School (6715 97 St). Please come out to show your support for cycling infrastructure and find out details about their design & location, and provide your input. The City has already made some improvements based on stakeholder feedback they've been receiving. You can learn about these latest changes, as well, at the meetings. Both meetings will discuss all the planned routes. EBC will be on hand at both meetings to offer an external perspective on the lanes.

Highlights include buffered bike lanes for 106 St, 40 Ave, and 132 Ave, as well as a bike boulevard on 97 St. We have some areas of concern, but are working to address these with the City. If you have concerns of your own, whether as a resident, business owner, or cyclist, please contact us. We are eager to discuss possibilities to help create infrastructure that works well for everyone.


Meeting Dates

Tuesday, February 12, 2013 Location: Hazeldean School, 6715 - 97 Street Time: 6pm to 8:30pm Presentation at 6:30pm and 7:30pm

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 Location: Crestwood School, 9735 - 144 Street Time: 6pm to 8:30pm Presentation at 6:30pm and 7:30pm

If you can't make these meetings, please complete the online survey (until Feb 27), and call or e-mail your councillor to show your support. They need to hear that people want this infrastructure!

Frequently Asked Questions

Concerned about sharrows? Parking? The weather? Costs? Check out our FAQ to find answers to common concerns.

On-street Bike Route Locations

Full design plans, including parking and roadway changes, can be viewed on the City of Edmonton's website.

  • 95 Avenue (145 St to 189 St), 145 Street (95 Ave to 96 Ave), 96 Avenue (142 St to 145 St), 142 Street Service Roads (96 Ave to Summit Dr)
  • 81 Street (119 Ave to Yellowhead Tr), 119 Avenue (76 St to 82 St), 78 Street (117 Ave to 119 Ave)
  • 112 Street (Saddleback Rd to 30 Ave), 31 Avenue (30 Ave to 113 St), 113 Street (31 Ave to 34 Ave), Saddleback Road (111 St to 112 St) , 25 Avenue (Saddleback Rd to 119 Street)
  • 116 Street (71 Ave to 73 Ave), 73 Avenue (115 St to 116 St), 115 Street (73 Ave to University Ave)
  • 114 Street (34 Ave to 44a Ave), 115 Street (46 Ave to 60 Ave)
  • 106 Street (34 Ave to 51 Ave), 40 Avenue (106 St to 119 St)
  • 76 Avenue (78 St to 100 St), 100 Street (76 Ave to Saskatchewan Dr)
  • 97 Street (63 Ave to 82 Ave)
  • 132 Avenue (82 St to 91 St)

Media Advisory