Hands-on Repair and Maintenance Courses

Register for Bike Edmonton’s introductory and intermediate, hands-on Bike Repair courses to learn more about your bike! Please visit our website, the courses page to find all the details including course locations and prices. Please note that courses can fill up quickly.

Bike Repair 101: Hands-on intro to Bike Maintenance -May 17, 2019 - registration required

In this hands-on workshop, our most popular class, you will gain confidence and save money by doing simple repairs yourself as well as preventing expensive parts from wearing out. Bring your bicycle so you can learn techniques specific to your components, or you can work on one of Bike Edmonton's bikes. This is a great place to start if you have little or no experience working on bikes. You don’t have to have experience with tools to sign up. We’ll cover:

  • drivetrain cleaning and lubrication,

  • flat tire repair,

  • basic brake and gearing adjustments, and

  • how to spot small problems before they become big problems.

Bike Repair 201: Headsets and Bottom Brackets - May 17, 2019 - registration required

Well maintained headsets and bottom brackets make for a safe, efficient bike ride. Whether you're preparing for a winter of riding or tuning up your bike so it's ready to go in the spring, this course offers some essential training. Learning how to maintain these essential bearing mechanisms is a perfect launching point to more advanced bicycle mechanics. Discover the simple elegance of bearings, whether in a cartridge, cage, or rolling free. Bring your bike to learn about your own components and see how it ticks, or work on one in the shop. Please note that this class will cover common cup and cone. 

Prerequisite: You don't need much mechanical experience to take Bike Edmonton's 200 level classes, but if you haven't worked on bikes before, we recommend that you take our Bike Repair 101: Hands-On Intro to Bike Maintenance class first to learn basics like removing wheels and tires.