Message from the Board of Directors

Greetings from the 2019 Bike Edmonton Board of Directors. We are excited to announce an almost-full complement of individuals on the board this year committed to supporting the cycling community, within the broader context of community development. In pursuit of growing Bike Edmonton, the Board has set a number of key strategic goals to increase our revenues, build our volunteer capacity, expand our outreach programming, and increase our communication with our members and the broader public. We would like to hear your feedback and your ideas and encourage your response to periodic surveys on how we might achieve our strategic goals.

In addition to our other goals we are also developing a logic model to evaluate our current mix of programming. We anticipate this will help us make improvements to the services we currently offer and perhaps identify ideas for new programming. It would be great if we could develop more programming to support youth, students, and other target groups and partnerships with community organizations.

If you are interested in supporting Bike Edmonton there are different opportunities to get involved: through volunteering with the Board or its committees, in our community bike workshops, attached to some of our programming or many projects, or by providing your feedback and input. In addition, if you’d like to support us financially or sponsor a program, please contact us.