For kids, riding bikes to school through winter is fun. Parents see something bigger.

Check out this blog post by Tom Babin, a writer at the Calgary Herald:

At one time, the image of a group of kids on bikes filling up a residential street on their way to school was nothing special. But in 2012, where helicopter parents and long bus rides are the norm? On a brisk -15C November morning? While it’s snowing?

But there they were one morning last week, a gang of Grade 5 and 6 students with oversized backpacks slung over their parkas, feet crammed into their Costco boots, and toques stuffed inside their helmets. Some were on nice mountain bikes with disc brakes and suspension. Others rode rickety hand-me-downs. And all of them, when asked why they didn’t just take the nice warm bus like regular kids, gave me some version of the same answer. “The bus is boring.”

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And then check out this great video of the kids talking about their bike to school gang!