Adjustment to shop rates

BikeWorks shop fees haven't changed for many years (at least 15 that we can remember): $2/hr for members, and $5/hr for non-members. That fee provides you access to our repair stands, our tools, and help from our volunteer mechanics, as well as basic maintenance consumables like chain lube and cleaners. As of August 1, 2018, we will be increasing our shop fees. The new fees will be $3/hr for members, or $8/hr for non-members.

Membership fees remain the same: $15 for low-income/student, $20 for regular memberships, and $40 for household memberships, with discounts for multi-year memberships. If you purchase a membership at the shop, your shop fees that day are included (i.e. you don't pay the hourly fee on the same day you purchase a membership).

Our focus remains on maintaining accessibility and ensuring that people of any means can equitably access our services, while ensuring the sustainability and future of the organization.