Bike Regina

Bike Regina is a small group with big ideas about supporting and increasing the cycling culture in Regina. We want you to be part of the trend. Mission To make cycling to work and school safe, convenient and fun for people of all ages and abilities in Regina. Through partnerships, outreach and events such as Bike to Work Week, we will advocate for a better cycling environment that promotes safety, physical activity, health, equity, and environmental sustainability.

About Us Bike Regina formed in 2009 in response to the City’s request for meaningful input on proposed on-street cycling initiatives. Since then, Bike Regina has been actively involved in community-building events.

By being present at community events, providing bike valet services at local festivals, co-hosting bike commuter workshops during commuter challenge and hosting bike repair sessions during Bike to Work week, we are positioned to support the interested citizens of Regina who would like to ride a bicycle more often.