Bike Repair 101: Hands-on Intro to Bike Maintenance


Our popular course, Hands-on Intro to Bike Maintenance, returns this year with multiple dates and locations to choose from. This 3-hour class is a great place to start if you have little or no experience working on bikes and includes:

  • cleaning and lubrication,
  • how to fix a flat tire,
  • basic brake and gearing adjustments, and
  • how to spot small problems before they become big problems.

Bring your bike so you can learn about your specific components, or you can work on one of EBC's bikes. A review booklet is also included in case you need a refresher down the road.

Already know some bike repair basics and want to take your skills to the next level? Check out our Advanced Bike Mechanics classes. Each class offers detailed insight into the workings of one part of the bicycle, which you'll learn to fix and maintain like a pro. Topics include (but certainly aren't limited to):

  • Wheels (bearings and truing),
  • Gearing & Derailleurs,
  • Brakes, Headsets & Bottom Brackets, and
  • Wheel Building.

Click here for class times and to register.