Bylaw C8353: Conduct of Transit Passengers

The purpose of this bylaw is to regulate the conduct and activities of people using the Edmonton Transit System in order to promotethe safety and welfare of other users of the Edmonton Transit System.


For more information about bikes on transit, including the hours for bikes on LRT and bus routes with bike racks, please see our Bikes on Transit page.


  1. A person shall not carry a Bicycle aboard a Transit Vehicle except:
    1. during the hours specified by the City Manager;
    2. in the areas specified by the City Manager; and
    3. while under control.
  2. A person shall not leave a Bicycle unattended in a Transit Station or aboard a Transit Vehicle except in a location designed and intended for the storage of Bicycles.
  3. A person shall not allow a Bicycle under their control to bring dirt, mud or grease into a Transit Station or onto a Transit Vehicle