Friends of EBC

Old Strathcona Business Association


Live music and theatre, shopping, festivals, restaurants and services, Old Strathcona has it all. With over 600 of Edmonton's coolest businesses, Old Strathcona has everything you need for a modern lifestyle in a historical district. The area offers a variety of choices including fashion, music shops, lodging, food, salons & spas, gifts, books, decor, health, sporting goods, professional services and even vehicles. At the Old Strathcona Business Association, we strive to enhance, to promote and to protect the businesses of the Old Strathcona community. We achieve this by supporting projects and campaigns that maximize Old Strathcona’s aesthetic appeal and by working with everyone concerned to ensure the well-being of our members, their staff, their customers and their clients.

Downtown Business Association


The Downtown Business Association of Edmonton was formed through the establishment of a Business Revitalization Zone for Downtown Edmonton in 1985. This zone includes the area from 111 Street to 95 Street and from 105 Avenue to 97 Avenue. Businesses within this Revitalization Zone are members of the Association through an annual business tax levy, as provided for by the Alberta Municipal Act. The Downtown Business Association’s primary role is to maintain and increase the vitality – both real and perceived – of the downtown core of Edmonton.

124 Street


Over the last few years, 124 Street has evolved into one of Edmonton's most vibrant shopping districts and home to some of Edmonton’s finest restaurants, boutiques, and galleries. Nestled along the north bank of the River Valley at the west end of Jasper Avenue, the 124 Street district extends north along the 124 Street corridor to 111 Avenue. We pride ourselves on being a unique business community, delicately tucked away in our large city, offering an array of services to meet our consumer’s needs.

The North Edge


The North Edge is a vibrant, urban business community rooted in the rich history and diversity of Edmonton's Queen Mary Park and Central MacDougall neighbourhoods. We proudly support a broad range of authentic cuisines, homegrown arts, and whole-body health & fitness faciities, centred on a core of innovative design and artisanry. With excellent access to local transit and free parking, The North Edge offers a bold alternative to suburban living, attracting visitors from across the city as well as residents of Edmonton's growing urban core.

The North Edge BRZ includes businesses from Queen Mary Park and Central McDougall that are located between 102 Street and 117 Street, and 107 Avenue to 105 Avenue.

Loop-Frame Love


We're new(ish) to the world of bicycles, and we’re learning as we blog. The blog is named for the vintage loop-frame step-through (aka ladies') bicycles that are our first love, and was started as a record of our restoration, craft, and research projects associated with old bicycles. However, as we've gained experience we've also developed strong interests in cycling infrastructure and advocacy. We prefer to ride in our everyday clothes, and sometimes we organize group rides. The LFL Coblogging Collective are Deborah, Angel, and Emma (in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) and Jennifer (formerly of Edmonton, now in Seattle, Washington). From time to time we also have guest-posts from other friends who have interesting bicycles to share.



The Alberta Public Interest Research Group (AP!RG) is a University of Alberta student-run, student-funded, non-profit organization dedicated to community-led research, education, advocacy, and action in the public interest. APIRG provides administrative, informational and technological resources to help student and community working groups to transform social concern into effective action. APIRG provides meeting facilities and other support to EBC.

Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton


In 2011, OFRE won a micro-grant from NextGen’s MEAET event and used that grant money to partner with EBC to create a pedal-powered apple crusher. Do you have a fruit tree that you don’t have the time or the energy to harvest? Are there more berries than you can handle? Do you want to share your fruit tree with members of your community? If the answer is yes, OFRE can help! OFRE will send volunteer pickers to private residences to pick fruit upon request of the home owner. In addition to collecting fruit, we also organize canning & preserving events during the harvest season.

If you're interested in fruit, or want access to local fruit visit OFRE's website and become a member.

Established in 2009, OFRE is a non-profit organization. Our project grew out of an interest in locally grown food, raising awareness about food security, and establishing urban, local connections with our food.

Society of Northern Alberta Print-artists


The Society of Northern Alberta Print-artists (SNAP) is a not-for-profit, artist-run centre, and a registered charity. Since its inception in 1982, SNAP has grown to become one of Canada’s premier centres for research and innovation in printmaking as well as providing a unique forum for discussion and examination of critical and theoretical issues related to printmaking and image culture.