Cyclist death


Tragic news today: Isaak Kornelsen was killed on Whyte Ave this morning by a passing cement truck, just blocks from BikeWorks. As a memorial, we'll be putting up a ghost bike today at 2:30pm at 101 St and Whyte Ave. Our condolences to the family and friends.

The Edmonton Journal reports that EPS has called the incident a "freak accident".

Collisions aren't freak accidents. They're the result of a series of decisions and events and the dynamics of traffic, taking place within a built environment and road design. We don't know the full details of this incident, but calling it a "freak accident" ignores the role that infrastructure and education play in how drivers and cyclists can share the road safely.

Vancouver & Montreal (among many other major cities) have separated bike lanes on commercial arterial roads: what if we had a separated bike lane going down Whyte Ave (like Times Square in New York City, or down Broadway, or 9th Ave)?