Earth's General Store


On Sunday, May 5, from 10am-6pm, EBC members shopping at Earth's General Store will receive a 10% discount on all purchases (including sale items!). Patrons who purchase an EBC membership for the first time will receive a 15% discount. EBC will also be on hand doing free tune-ups at Earth's General Store from 11am-3pm. Enjoy a barbecue from 12pm-4pm, too! Earth's General Store provides equipment and expertise (and coffee, and pretty much anything else) to EBC whenever we ask.

If you walk, bus, or ride your bike to the store, you will receive a token worth 10 cents that you can direct toward a number of non-profit organizations. It's all part of EGS's Green Acts Reward Programme. Through this program, Earth's General Store has made a generous contribution towards The Spoke. Thank you for your support!

At Earth's General Store we offer visitors information and products that will help them reduce their ecological and social impact on the planet and all inhabitants. We are a distributor of information and knowledge, encouraging people to consume less, consume wisely, consume locally, consume fairly and love lots more! We do this by offering items that have beneficial advantages - local, certified organic, Fair Trade Certified, in bulk (less packaging), water and energy efficiency products, information, and support to act! We are attempting to offer a way of life that is balanced and respectful of the planet and all its creatures.