Local cyclist apologizes, accepts full responsibility


Apologizing for the recent stretch of unseasonably cold and snowy weather, local cyclist Anna Prentice has claimed full responsibility for Edmonton's cold snap. "I'm sorry. I got excited for spring and switched to my summer bike last Friday," said an abashed Prentice. "I know now it was too soon. I'm really, really sorry, everyone."

Not to be outdone, other cyclists also tried to claim responsibility and apologize:

Some simply teased fate:

One in particular, while running a weather-focused blog and being better aware of local weather than almost anyone else, seemingly laughed at the stats:

Not everyone, however, was disappointed by the turn in weather. Reached at Goldbar Park, local skier Jesper Katzenberg was especially pleased with the extended ski season. "On behalf of all skiers, I thank cyclists for their noble sacrifice. It was a hard winter, with barely any snow, but I know that some hopeful cyclist out there brought out their summer bike at the end of January and saved the Birkie from being cancelled again."

Bart Nguyen, also skiing at Goldbar, agreed. "Yeah, that was me."

When asked if he identified as a cyclist, Nguyen explained, "I bike to work about half the time, and drive when I have big errands to run. When I go skiing I usually drive to the trails. My car's in the shop right now, though, so I took the bus today."

Unfortunately for this writer, such an explanation makes it difficult to create artificial conflict and division or apply broad labels for easy stereotyping. At press time, it is assumed that driver/cyclist Nguyen is self-loathing.