Mountain Equipment Co-op

MEC has provided numerous grants and donations to EBC throughout the years. From our rental program to projects for youth, MEC has always been a strong supporter of EBC. Most recently, the staff at Mountain Equipment Co-op Edmonton selected EBC to be awarded $1275 towards The Spoke and $750 towards You Can Ride 2 through their Staff Choice Grant. The Spoke is a free earn-a-bike mentorship program for youth, and You Can Ride 2: Borrow a Bike is our free adapted bike loan pool program for special needs children.

MEC also offers weekly free basic bike maintenance clinics, as well as (paid) hands-on maintenance courses.

You can find the full schedule of events on MEC's website. You can also follow MEC on Twitter @mec_edmonton.

EBC Member Shopping Night

MEC hosts an EBC member shopping night. EBC members get a 10% discount! The next club night is April 30, 2018, from 5-9pm at MEC Downtown Edmonton, 11904 104 Ave.

Check our calendar for details about member shopping nights.

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