Saskatoon Cycles


Saskatoon Cycles advocates for a city in which cycling is a viable, year-round, mode of transportation that is safe and convenient for all ages. We envision a Saskatoon in which:

1. A safe cycling network is present throughout the city connecting every neighbourhood to key destinations

2. Residents of all ages feel safe and welcome to cycle year-round

3. Mutual respect and tolerance exists for all modes of transportation

4. Cycling is incorporated into all aspects of the city planning process

5. There is a balanced approach to all transportation modes through policy and the allocation of financial and human resources

6. A safe and convenient cycling network increases the efficiency of all modes of transportation

7. A strong cycling culture fosters a healthy, economically vibrant, and creative city

8. The practical and stylish cyclist co-exist

Our Priority:

Infrastructure – Establishing a connected cycling network within neighbourhoods and among neighbourhoods throughout Saskatoon. Depending on the street solutions might include the establishment of bike boulevards, physically separated lanes, measures to remind drivers to look out for cyclists, cycling specific signage, and many, many more…