SPARK Community Engagement Evening


You are invited to SPARK's Community Engagement Evening - an event to engage members and future members across Alberta! On Thursday, April 25 at 7pm, SPARK will be hosting an event for SPARK members, customers and the general public to engage in conversations about SPARK's initiatives and green projects in Alberta. RSVP at

SPARK is a 100% member-owned retail electrical power co-operative focused on green energy and renewable energy reinvestment. For each EBC member that makes the switch to SPARK as their electrical services provider, SPARK directs $1.50 per month to The Spoke.

The engagement evening will take place at two venues: one in Calgary and the other at BikeWorks North (9305 111 Ave). Content will be streamed between the two venues and live online for remote viewership.

Event Highlights Include:

  • Presentation from sustainability leader, Bob Hawkesworth, Coordinator of the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre. Bib's presentation is titled 'Caring for the Environment, Caring for Your Pocket Book' and deals with financing renewables through retrofit
  • Updates on SPARK initiatives presented by the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters' Society and SkyFire Energy Inc.
  • A great opportunity to network with other SPARK members and customers and to introduce our co-op to your friends and family - bring guests along, all are welcome!

Join us at 7PM for light refreshments and great conversation. In addition, SPARK is interested in hearing YOUR ideas! Where do you see SPARK going in the future? What sort of projects are you interested in seeing the cooperative invest in?