Bicicles: Stories About Winter Cycling


Join us at BikeWorks South on Friday March 23rd for an evening to (hopefully) look back at a season of winter cycling! The International Festival of Winter Cinema and Edmonton Bicycle Commuters are partnering to host a re-screening of Bicicles, a made in Calgary documentary about winter cycling, at BikeWorks South. Admission is pay-what-you-can, and includes all the popcorn you can eat. They said it was too cold, that it was only for the hardcore elites and the insane. Winter cycling, they declared, just isn’t something you do in Calgary. Despite the naysayers, hundreds of Calgarians put on their mittens and toques and pedal off to work every winter. From old to young, riding clunkers or high-end road bikes, cyclists in Calgary keep the bike lanes busy all year round.

“Bicicles” is a film celebrating those people who refuse to stop biking in the face of snow and sleet. Filmed during the winters of 2014 - 2016, the documentary follows four "brave" souls on their typical winter commute. Along with interviews with city councillors, business organizations and everyday cyclists, “Bicicles” explores how winter cycling is becoming mainstream in a city full of drivers.

Bicicles, The Documentry 8:00pm, Friday, March 23rd BikeWorks South 8001 102 Street

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