Upshift! New earn-a-bike program needs help

EBC is partnering with Boyle Street Community Services to offer youth, ages 17-26, a build-a-bike program called Upshift! If you're a mechanic and are interested in volunteering, please email Molly, the coordinator, at Classes run for 7 weeks on Wednesday afternoons from June 8th to July 20th, 1:30pm - 4pm.

Participants and volunteers will work together to build a bike. At the end of the program, the participant will have a bike, a lock, a bell, lights and a wealth of stories and information about cycling in Edmonton. Similar to the EBC build-a-bike program 'the Spoke', Upshift is a capacity-building program that aims to equip youth with bikes and the know-how to get where they want. The bicycle is for transportation and the Upshift program is a vehicle for respectful interaction, a sense of struggle and pride in achievement, and a starting point for stories about enjoying life.