Take a tour of the newly renovated Bike Edmonton North Community Workshop

Thank to tremendous efforts from our volunteers, donations from MEC, and project leadership by longtime Bike Edmonton champion Alex Hindle, we have renovated our north workshop. Have you visited yet? Click on the image below to take a virtual tour of the shop!

We’ve expanded our indoor storage capacity from about 20 bicycles to over 100, even while creating more secure space for merchandise and a more open workspace for repairs, as part of ongoing sustainability initiatives to increase revenues.

Even with all the contributions of supporters, however, these renovations represent a significant financial investment for us. As a supporter of the work we do, please consider donating to support our work.

We budgeted $10,000 for these renovations, and are asking for your support to ensure it is a success. The vast majority of our spending has been planned to be resilient against future changes and needs: assets that can be easily moved and re-used in any space, protecting the future value of our investments if we were to relocate at any point in the future.

Even a one-time donation of $10 goes a long way for an organization such as ours. If just half of our membership donated $10, we would meet our fundraising goals.

Click here to donate today.