Memorial Ride for Isaak Kornelsen


A memorial ride for Isaak Kornelsen will be taking place on Friday, August 31, at 5:30pm. We will meet at City Hall and ride to the site of the ghost bike at 102 St and Whyte Ave. Please be aware that while EPS, ETS, and the City are aware of the ride, we will not be riding as an escorted event, but rather as simply regular traffic. Therefore, normal traffic regulations apply, and we will be riding single-file and in accordance with all traffic laws. Lane position will be determined by safety considerations.

We'll be riding from City Hall, the building where infrastructure decisions take place. The memorial will form a human bike lane as we proceed from City Hall to the site of the tragic collision that killed Isaak. In commemorating Isaak, we want the City to recognize that all citizens deserve fair access to safe and effective mobility. Protected bike lanes on Whyte Avenue would just be the first step.

If you require a bike for this ride, please e-mail For inquiries requiring immediate response, please call Chris Chan at 780-700-5564.