Mill Creek Ravine House decision and petition


In February, the Strathcona Centre Community League appealed the development permit for a house to be built at 9213 97 St, in Mill Creek Ravine, between the main asphalt path and a granular walking path. EBC presented at the appeal, along with many others, in opposition to the development. The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) denied the appeal and confirmed the original development approval.

The Strathcona Centre Community League is now circulating a petition requesting City Council to explore alternate ways to preserve the ravine from this development.

You can read the SDAB's full decision here, as well as view our original response.

In summary, the Board was not convinced that the development would "unduly interfere with the amenities of the neighbourhood, nor materially interfere with or affect the use, enjoyment or value of neighbouring parcels of land".

Since the appeal, we were able to receive clarification from the City of Edmonton that public access to Mill Creek Ravine via 93 Ave will be maintained, and the signage won't discourage public access, while the driveway will face stop signs before crossing the shared-use path. We are pleased to hear both of these things, as they were some of our major operational concerns with having a private driveway crossing the trail, and the original development documents had suggested trail access closures.