Valley Line West LRT: Opposition to 110 St sidetrack and 149 St interchange


The Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society opposes two of the recommendations in the Valley Line West LRT concept plan amendments report, which goes to City Council hearing today. We oppose the proposed 149 St interchange, including its $160 million cost, the destruction of many businesses, and the undermining of the urban LRT's goals. Those costs would all be just to avoid an additional 17-28 second wait for car drivers, compared to today's traffic conditions. The expense, entirely for the benefit of non-transit users, would be subsidized through transit funds. Administration's report ranks the at-grade crossing as its #1 choice according to Council's assessment framework, yet ignored that rank in its recommendation to build an underpass instead.

We also oppose the 110 St sidetrack, which will cut off the busiest and most critical north-south bike route and pedestrian crossing in downtown Edmonton, and indeed in the entire central core. 110 St directly connects the 105 Ave/Columbia Ave area and MacEwan University with Railtown, the High Level Bridge, and the southside of Edmonton.

Attached is our full response to the report and its recommendations.