Noorish Yoga


Noorish Yoga offers a 10% discount on yoga passes to all EBC members. The discount applies to all yoga passes (excluding workshops and drop-ins). Hatha, vinyasa, akhanda, and more... what do you prefer? You have your choice at Noorish!

The Noorish Yoga Studio or “the kiva” is founded upon the idea that our bodies are the temple of the soul. Therefore we must utilize our intuition to nurture our bodies in a way that allows us to manifest our highest potential and expression of love. Yoga is one method of actualizing this potential. Originating from ancient India, yoga is the spiritual discipline of uniting body and soul to attain a state of inner harmony, balance, and awakened consciousness. Yoga on a physical level, increases strength, flexibility and balance through a series of postures. The experience of yoga on a meta-physical level helps one achieve inner peace, joy for the great adventure of life on and off the mat.