Pleasantview Community Traffic Management Plan


Trial modifications of 106 St and 109 St are being implemented as part of the Pleasantview Community Traffic Management Plan. The key changes for 106 St, which has an on-street bike lane, are:

  • North/south motor vehicle traffic is no longer allowed to travel straight through the intersection at 106 Street and 51 Avenue. Bicycle traffic is still able to travel straight through the intersection.
  • 106 Street between 53 Avenue and 56 Avenue is now one-way northbound for motor vehicles, with an additional northbound parking lane. Bicycle traffic is still able to travel north and south.

You can view the full details of the plan here.

pleasantview illustrations

Ward 10 Councillor Michael Walters has also written a blog post about the changes.

This is a trial, and may or may not be kept or modified at the end of the trial period. You can send your feedback to the City of Edmonton

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